Tuesday, 15 November 2016

First Neuroendocrine Appointment

Visited the  Endocrinology department of my hospital today and met my Neuroendocrine doctor. He explained the results of the major surgery I had in June this year, in which he suspects that they did not manage to remove all of my neuroendocrine tumours.

He explained that they do know from examining the tumours that they did manage to remove that my neuroendocrine cancer is a grade 1, which means it is slow growing. This is really positive news and I do feel very relieved.

He repeated my blood tests today and wants me to have another CT scan to ascertain whether I do still have some tumours. If I do I will be placed on monthly injections which will slow the growth of my neuroendocrine tumours even more.

I feel very thankful that I have received positive news today. It has been a very painful and difficult road to this point. I feel much stronger in myself and so thankful for my loving and supportive family and friends.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Started doing some exercise in the last couple of weeks. It's amazing after four and a half months post surgery how physically week I feel. Decided to walk up Darwen Tower and I felt ok as I was doing it, but the day after I was so ill. I lost count of how many times I threw up and my core muscles were so painful. I think little and often is the way forward.